Naula Workshop | Manufacturer Spotlight

Allow us to introduce you to Angel Naula, the Founder and Creative Director of Naula Workshop.  Naula Workshop is based out of Brooklyn, NY where they have been making custom furniture and designs for over a decade.  Angel has brought together a group of artisans and designers to create a workshop that thrives on the idea that, at its inception, each piece is of its own unique design. We hope you enjoy this spotlight and learning about their beautiful pieces known for modern simplicity and old-world craftsmanship, all to your specifications.

Angel Naula of Naula Workshop

Can you tell us a bit about all that Naula Workshop encompasses and what makes it unique?

What’s unique about Naula is that everything is handmade, made to your specifications, and every single design is made to order!

Spring Street Sectional, “upholstered legs”

What is your favorite part about designing or creating new products?

My favorite part about designing and creating my furniture is seeing how they come to life, especially going through all the details. For example, if it is a sofa, I have to figure out the density and height of the seat cushion. If it’s a bed, I need to figure out if we do the nightstands together, and for the headboard, if they’ll need some outlets and height of mattress etc. As I say: “it’s all about the details”.

Vizo Dresser

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?

My inspiration is my family. Since I grew up in a family of furniture makers, they motivate me to create and make something that is unique and different each day.

Woster Chair

Can you walk me through the customization process?

The process of customization starts when we have a client with a specific space where we need to put the furniture. First, we work on getting a template together. Then, we make sure that the furniture will be able to fit through any elevators or doors as necessary. And finally, we figure how many pieces we need and how we will put it together on-site.

Brooklyn Street Sofa

Can you tell us an extra fun fact about yourself to close?

I like to going to events and meeting new people. Also, I love to wear cowboy boots.