Live. Anywhere. | Manufacturer Spotlight

This week’s manufacturer spotlight is from Linda Allen at Live. Anywhere. Linda is a visionary interior and lighting designer, and enjoys creating spaces that tell a story. While designing for her clients, she embarked on a challenge to create wireless lighting that was elegant and multi-functional and that’s when her start on the manufacturing side of things began, and the creation of her stunning, unique outdoor lamps – they are like nothing you’ve ever seen! We hope you enjoy learning more about Live. Anywhere.’s lamps and Linda.

Could you tell us a little bit about your company? What makes Live. Anywhere. unique?

Live. Anywhere. Lamps are hand manufactured locally, and the production is tightly monitored by me. The lampshades are handmade and hand tucked with outdoor rated fabric and materials. As a designer, I know what the designers are looking for. I give that quality of a bespoke product. The lamps are made to order; especially for each customer.It’s the unpredictable magic that these lamps create when you place them in unexpected places; like near water. You can’t get shocked when the charger is not plugged into the wall . Also, these luxury wireless lamps only take 3 cents to charge the bulb; an equivalent of 50 watts of warm light  (that you can read under) for up to 22 hours on their highest setting, and up to 2 ½ days on their lowest setting! Also, the charger can work with overseas plugs up to 240 volts. I’m in awe when I see where these lamps go!They’re perfect for luxury renewable energy homes. They are capable of using unused energy left over from solar powered homes. I also have plug in versions that can be connected to landscape wiring or just plugged into a wall! Or, you can just use them inside. They are scaled to replace living room table lamps.Also, I’m using a new color-changing LED bulb that can be adjusted on your phone app with my lamps!  It not only works with color kelvin temperatures, but custom pastel or vibrant rainbow hues that can be grouped with other lamps. I’m testing them now, and I’m coming out with this very soon!

What is your favorite part about the manufacturing side of things?

I’ve been geeking out on this new circuit board that was customized for my lamps, and learning more and more about electronics. As an interior designer, I’m proud of the utility patent I received for this invention and can’t believe what I’ve learned and created can actually help our future.Everyday, I learn more about battery technology, circuit boards, and their capabilities with “off grid”  lighting. I love testing the bulb off the circuity which can last for up to 2 1/2 days on the low setting! I can now speak to engineers in their own language!


What is your favorite piece that you have designed or just a favorite piece in your collection?

Each lamp has a personal backstory, but I think one of my favorites is the Franchesca lamp (pictured above). I love to vintage shop, and this lamp was inspired from one of my finds. But, I also love blocks of color!My Ava lamp (pictured below) can be made in 2 tones. It’s so fun to see the bottom part  in one color, and the top in another! The lamps really pop when the lampshades match the pillows with custom fabrics!

Ava Lamps

What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

I’m inspired by details people create through history.  But I especially am enamored with how light is used emotionally in film and sets.


Let’s end with a fun question! If you could go “anywhere” in the world, where would you go?

Remote islands in far off places are my favorite. But if I could go anywhere? It would be to see the Dalai Lama in Tibet, and be enlightened!

Perfect answer!

Ava Floor Lamp