Bramble| Manufacturer Spotlight

Bramble began as a reflection of love for antiques. More than 25 years later, the furniture company continues to thrive manufacturing any item, any finish, with endless possibilities. We spoke with Mike Snow, Bramble’s general manager, to better understand Bramble’s creative craftsmanship.

Let’s start out by learning a bit more about your company. What makes your brand and products unique?

We design and build all of our pieces, using mahogany and other hardwoods.

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection or a new item or collection coming that designers might not know about?

I love our Savannah wood and rattan beds.

Who or what inspires you most when conceiving of your designs?

Simple and authentic American and European designs from the late 19th and 20th century.

What is the process behind coming up with new designs and products?

Inspiration can hit at random times, however, we are constantly looking at design elements from furniture and architecture to build into our pieces.

What is your favorite part about the manufacturing industry?

Everyone’s favorite part is the design process, but for me, I Iove the process of executing our pieces from sketches and raw lumber to the finished product. Basically the craft and effort that goes into them along the way.

Please speak to the custom nature of your lines.

We offer customers a range of finishing options in our custom lineup.

Please give us an overview of the more personal side of your business, who’s behind it, how did it come to be, any interesting stories about the origin or the founders you can share?

When we first started Bramble over twenty-five years ago, our first workshop took place out of a narrow space in our garage. The very first pieces of Bramble furniture were designed, finished and assembled there.

We were finally able to make a product that reflected our vision. It was the same vision that drives our design strategy today. It is our passion and commitment to create pieces that go above and beyond what is expected and will only improve with age. Our products are the fruit of a meticulous design process that leaves no detail spared.

At the time, we were simply curators of goods which we sourced from various suppliers. The challenge with this, we quickly learned, was that we could only ever be as good as our supply chain. It was then that we decided to take matters (quite literally) into our own hands. We manage the entire process so that we can be sure that each piece lives up to our vision.

What makes Bramble different?

We own our own factory and are not dependent on others to control our design, production or quality.

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