Louis De Poortere | Manufacturer Spotlight

We are so excited to have another manufacturer spotlight with us this week! Louis De Poortere, an over 100-year-old broadloom manufacturer, is now specializing in designer rugs. Mark West, the Operations Director for North America, shares information about Louis De Poortere and the beautiful rugs that they design.

What make Louis De Poortere unique?

The Louis De Poortere philosophy is based on a simple concept: we aim to be more than just a manufacturer of carpets. Because people are increasingly seeking beauty, elegance, value, and comfort for their homes, our designers and technicians have created entire collections that are modern, accessible, and designed to bring you the utmost pleasure. At Louis De Poortere, you will find rugs, carpets, stair runners, and even border rugs, which you could freely mix and match to make your decorating “home-sweet-home” experience a pleasure.

What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Louis De Poortere has made extensive use of its vast design archive to translate interpretations of many design styles including Modern, Moroccan, Scandinavian, Victorian, and Vintage designs which are all represented beautifully in this collection. Each in a choice of colour ways exuding sophistication and essential texture.

What is your favorite part about designing rugs?

Connecting people with their interior environment is an important aspect of our lifestyle and that’s what we love to offer our clients. Between the beauty and harmony that can be obtained between your floors and your interior environment, Louis De Poortere allows the client to visualize many decorative ambiances with such energy that they become natural and essential elements of their decoration.

Can you walk me through the customization process?

The aim of the founding father has always been to make expensive rugs affordable by making them in a more industrial way, but keeping the “handmade” feeling and look.This means that customizing was not a first priority. However, a growing demand for it has triggered the start of a increasing offer in made-to-order lines. It is now possible to have our wilton rugs in bespoke sizes and with different finishes. For the hospitality sector, we cater to the requests of the customer by translating his design into wonderful chenille rugs. We also design stylish stair runners in very short runs.

A little extra fun fact about yourself…

Louis De Poortere is a Belgian brand that is established by Louis De Poortere himself in 1929. Nowadays the company is lead by the fourth generation of the ‘De Poortere’ family.I invite you to check out all we have to offer here on DesignerInc.

Thanks for joining us here, Mark! It was great to hear a bit more about Louis De Poortere.