Marmoso New York| Manufacturer Spotlight

Marmoso New York is a trusted partner for bespoke fireplaces. We spoke to its founder, Praneet, for an insight onto the young company’s market approach and design deliverables.

Let’s start out by learning a bit more about your company. What makes your brand and products unique?

We believe that every home is unique, and thus partner closely with interior designers to create high-end bespoke fireplaces carved to their unique vision. This close and intimate partnership with our clients is not only what defines us as a company, but what inspires us as a team.

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection or a new item or collection coming that designers might not know about?

Yes, the Anaya fireplace (pictured below), is inspired by an early 19th century French design and named after our daughter. It is one of our favorites. The eye-catching center sunflower rosette of the Anaya fireplace also served as inspiration for our company logo.

Who or what inspires you most when conceiving of your designs?

We are inspired daily by the sophistication and detail of historical European-era fireplace mantels and the timeless elegance of fine Italian marble.

What is the process behind coming up with new designs and products?

Marmoso is all about customization and making the vision of an interior designer a reality. The process of initiating new designs is that of a close and trusted partnership with each of our clients.

What is your favorite part about the manufacturing industry?

Few places still master the craftsmanship of hand-carving marble. Our favorite part of the manufacturing process is when a rough block of marble transforms through the age-old art form of carving by hand – an art form we at Marmoso specialize in.

Please speak to the custom nature of your lines.

Marmoso offers custom design services and can manufacture bespoke fireplace mantel based on a project’s requirements. Whether you are looking for custom measurements on one of our existing mantels, or have a new custom design in mind, we are here to advise you and partner closely with you to make your personal vision a reality.

Please give us an overview of the more personal side of your business, who’s behind it, how did it come to be, any interesting stories about the origin or the founders you can share?

My husband and I have always dreamed about the luxury of having a marble fireplace in our home. While remodeling our home, we decided to finally make that happen by implementing a design we had in mind.

Unfortunately, the search for our dream mantel was incredibly stressful. Only a few places still mastered the craftsmanship of hand-carving marble, and those that do are difficult to work with on customized requests. We asked ourselves: why does it have to be this way? And so Marmoso was born, having us as its very first clients.

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