Marie Burgos | Designer Spotlight

Marie Burgos, a French native, is known for creating stunning interiors that are balanced, harmonious, sophisticated, and functional. Burgos’ work is grounded in the practice of Feng Shui in which she earned the “Red Ribbon” status membership in the international Feng Shui Guild. Marie Burgos Design was founded in 2007 and includes both residential and commercial design.

We’re honored to have been able to speak with Marie and are excited to share her journey as a designer!

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

My favorite part comes when I realize that a space I created or a piece I designed brings happiness to my clients. It is also joyful to me when a client responds positively to a presentation that I have prepared for their approval. That kind of positive energy nourishes me and encourages me to do more and better.


Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

British designer Kelly Hoppen was my first inspiration. Not only is she a great designer, but she’s also an entrepreneur, author and educator. She set an example that I have sought to follow. Her philosophy of East meets West resonated with me as I studied Feng Shui and applied it to my design approach. I love the balance, harmony and character that Kelly brings to everything she does and love that she is intensely patriotic to Britain. Plus, she is committed to the color taupe like me.


If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

I would have started much earlier in life. Design is my second career but my first passion. My life changed for the better once I started.


What is your favorite current resource?

1st Dibs is definitely a great platform for finding exceptional pieces and discovering old and new designs. We also have our collection featured in 1st Dibs and have queries from clients all over the world.

Fun fact about yourself…

I realized how much more resourceful I was once I had my two children, who are respectively six and three years old. Being a Mom and running a business with my husband as a partner is never dull. The universe always has great surprises for you.