Lacy Phillips | Designer Spotlight

We are excited to introduce to you this week, designer Lacy Phillips! Lacy has a passion for delivering to her clients beautiful spaces. She loves to create spaces that are elegant, fresh, and sophisticated, as well as those that are practical and comfortable for daily life. She has some great tips to share and we hope you enjoy reading more about her and her brand!

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

After almost fifteen years of working in design, I can say that my favorite part of what we do is making a difference in someone’s life. Sure, I love paint and fabrics and making things pretty, but when you have the opportunity to change someone’s surroundings to something more functional or inspiring or relaxing, you can truly impact their well-being. My clients are in different stages of life and are often facing life’s challenges, so at the end of my service, I hope that I provide them with surroundings that give them a happy and peaceful place to be.

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Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

Instagram! Where else can you go to see millions of the most beautiful images all in one place. I follow so many people from travel guides to wellness experts to, of course, interior designers, who all strive to live life beautifully. And being as I visit Instagram a few times a day, I am never at a loss of inspiration. It is also my favorite tool in sharing ideas with clients.

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Can you tell us about your personal brand?

Lacy Phillips Designs is a full-service interior design firm, where we are involved in all phases of the design process with our clients and handle every aspect from floor plans to the final touches. My objective is to provide our clients with an organized, well-informed, fun design process with a beautiful and personalized final product.

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What is your favorite color palette to work with?

Living on the Gulf Coast, blues and greens are such a natural color palette to work with as we are surrounded by different hues of each. I love when an interior reflects what you see outside your window. I particularly love soft and muted colors, but don’t hesitate to throw in a punch of color. It keeps things interesting.

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If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

Know your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. The first person I ever hired was an accountant, and I did so very early in my career. The financial responsibilities of running a design business are extensive and the stress can hinder creativity and productivity, which are the traits you offer as an interior designer. Quickly after that, I learned you cannot do it all and do it well, so I hired an assistant, and my team grew from there. This helps pay for itself and makes things much more manageable.

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What do you like most about DesignerInc?

DesignerInc has allowed my team and I to go above and beyond when sourcing for clients. No client is the same, so no matter the style I am working with, DesignerInc has a plethora of options all at one place, particularly from brands I may not be in a position to establish an account with. We value the streamlined communication with the DesignerInc support staff and love being able to simply log in to track our orders. It is much more efficient and clear than trying to contact various reps on their cell phones who are just as busy as we are.