Lesley Myrick | Designer Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on Lesley Myrick. Lesley is an interior designer in the Atlanta GA area, with clients spanning both the US and Canada. Her passion is to help homeowners “bust out of boring” and help interior designers launch “kickass businesses they love”. Continue reading this interview with her to learn more about Lesley and her interior design business!

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

My favorite part about being a designer is getting to see ideas, samples, swatches, and drawings come to life! It still blows my mind to see a design plan realized, and it’s the coolest thing to witness an intangible design concept becoming an actual room that a client gets to use – and love.

Kravet – Custom Sectional | Four Hands – Coffee Table | Surya – Custom Area Rug

Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

90% of interior design is business, and only 10% of my time is spent on the fun stuff – creating. Showing up every day to grow my business and reach a new audience takes patience and persistence, and I’m so grateful to my husband for being my biggest cheerleader and influencer. I have the freedom to create and design because he continually encourages me to keep showing up and keep moving forward, even when I’m feeling discouraged.

Hudson Valley- Lighting | Moe’s Home – Counter Stools

Can you tell us about your personal brand?

My mission is to empower people to bust out of boring homes. It’s easy to feel intimidated by interior design. Too many choices leads to feeling majorly overwhelmed. Not knowing “your style” means you’re scared of making an expensive mistake. Either way, you play it safe and feel stuck in a home that’s a total snooze-fest. People so often settle for safe options when decorating – they’re afraid to make a mistake, and they don’t have the confidence to let their true selves shine. I’m committed to helping people bust out of boring because life is too short to waste it with beige walls!

What is your favorite color palette to work with?

My go-to color palette always involves teal! I love a mix of light and dark neutrals with a bright jewel tone (like teal, naturally), and I always mix in a little metal for texture and shine.

Harlequin – Wallpaper | Kravet – Fabric on Custom Lumbar Pillow

If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

To trust my intuition with design. My best ideas and designs are usually impulsive, quick decisions that just feel right. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but things just “click” when I trust my gut. Every time I overthink a design choice I regret it.

Bungalow 5 – Console Tables | Cyan Design – Wall Mirror

What do you like most about DesignerInc?

DesignerInc introduced me to awesome new brands I didn’t even know existed and made it easy for me to place orders. Having a one-stop-shop for sourcing and procurement is genius.

Worlds Away – Desk | Emissary USA – Lamp | Worlds Away – Wastebasket