Wendy Yates | Designer Spotlight

It’s time for another designer interview! Wendy Yates, from Abigail-Elise Design Studio, is here to share with us the behind-the-scenes of her design process. Her design studio works with lifestyle designs, focusing on forward-thinking, progressive, and intentional design ideas. We are so excited to spotlight her with you today!

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

From initial concepts or ideas to learning schematics and structural guidelines, to the final stages of implementation and production…I adore the entire process of designing. Yet I have to admit, I’m mostly obsessed with being able to design on the fly. Intuitively reading a situation, relating those raw details, and then watching everything progress from translation to reality is the best.

Tell us a little about your personal brand…

My personal brand parallels our company culture. It is all about being the best version of myself to the best of my ability, and then trying to top that on a daily basis. At Abigail-Elise we are bold. We do not just dream. We are our own competition so that we always bring our #AEHustle to our clients, communities, and projects.

Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

Can I site my everyday environment? Sometimes I see something a person wears at the gym that sparks an idea or I hear someone make a comment at the checkout stand that makes me think and translate. I am always inspired by the everyday grind, hustle, and struggle because life in itself is textured and colorful.

If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

Hire a business coach! Be in the moment and enjoy the small successes because the future is bright, but the now is everything. Focus on quality over quantity. Keep your promises to yourself and fail forward no matter what.

What is your favorite current resource?

My favorite resource is paying attention to the non-obvious styles and trends outside of the interior design industry. Displays at a local store, handwriting on a coffee menu board, and my teenager’s sneaker trends all act as creative initiators. I use those little, pertinent threads of intent within the larger scope of design as I work.

Fun fact about yourself…

I LOVE hip-hop and am a total nerd that listens to podcasts about science, business, and economics even though I don’t always understand them. I believe in parallel universes.

Thanks for sharing with us, Wendy! It was a pleasure learning about you and also Abigail-Elise Design Studio.