Carrie Delany has a passion for using spaces to reflect families. Her work adds character and gives life to tailored and thoughtful designs. We spoke to her about her experience shifting careers and starting Carrie Delany Interiors in this interview for byDesign.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

Knowing that we impact our clients’ lives by improving their homes through both aestheticity and function.

Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

I love being able to incorporate the feel and style of different regions into a mountain resort vibe, especially as I have lived in and travelled to many countries around the world.

Can you tell us about your personal brand?

We design with intention and care so that the end result is a balance of the aesthetic and lifestyle of our clients.

What is your favorite color palette to work with?

Neutrals with a strong base of black and small pops of inviting colors.

If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

Don’t look at my original degree in finance business as wasted, because the interior design business is 70% a finance business.

Please give us an overview of the more personal side of your business, how did it come to be, any interesting stories about the origin you can share?

After spending my days in the hedge fund industry in New York City, I would come home and read interior design magazines from front to back. I dreamt about a career in interior design. I decided to take the leap and go back to school at the New York School of Interior Design.

I launched my career with Katie Lydon Interiors in New York City, then moved to Park City, Utah. That was when Carrie Delany Interiors was born!

Do you have anything you can share about how you and/or your firm have been affected by COVID-19, and any tips for other designers on how to navigate and cope?

Be patient, be willing to address concerns of clients, and be open to designing through facetime/zoom calls! Also, many retailers are offering additional discounts during this time, so if a client is eager to immediately cancel due to concerns of the economy, let them know that there may be options.

What do you like most about DesignerInc?

DesignerInc is by far the most responsive resource I have ever worked with! They are kind, comprehensive and always have an answer (and if they don’t have an answer, they will find it!).

For people considering changing careers, what would your advice be?

If you are looking to make a career change and have an inherently good eye for design, take the leap. However, if money is tight (especially during these crazy times) try to find a job with a designer and help them in every way possible. You will learn so much useful information that only being on the job can teach you.

As for schooling, I definitely recommend taking online courses in space planning, color theory, and even the history of furniture as a great base for your knowledge. But again, you will likely find that you really do learn so much of the nitty gritty on the job. Try to get as much hands on experience as possible if the opportunity allows, and even work on your own home or that of friends.

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