Amy Calicott | Designer Spotlight

This week’s designer spotlight is on Amy Calicott. Amy has been designing beautiful interiors for the past 20 years. She desires to give her clients a space that truly embodies everything about them as well as a comfortable living space. Without further introduction, we hope you enjoy learning all that Amy has to share.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

My favorite part about being a designer is making spaces beautiful and making people happy!  I am dedicated to enhancing the function and quality of spaces by producing designs that are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and comfortable.  The resulting smiles from happy clients are the icing on the creative cake.

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Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

My most important influences were my parents and my childhood.  My Dad’s career caused us to move often.  As a result we lived in several different homes across the country.  My Mom loved decorating and regularly did the work herself.  I loved getting in on the fun by designing my new bedroom. We often lived in new developments that had lots of homes under construction.  I spent hours exploring the floor plans as a kid and developing my own opinions of good space planning and design.

Can you tell us about your personal brand?

I love my clients.  I am a client focused designer.  I enjoy getting to know them personally. We truly develop a connection throughout the project.  I get to know all about their kids, careers, pets and hobbies.  I believe it is that individual relationship that enables me to fully understand how they live and work, so I can design spaces that will best support their lifestyle and highlight their personality.  It is their house after all, not mine.  It means so much to me that people invite me into their homes, their sanctuaries, and I take that seriously.

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What would be one piece of advice you’d give someone starting their own interior design career?

The one piece of advice that I would give to someone starting their own interior design career is to develop your network.  Many residential designers are sole proprietors, and that can be lonely.  It is so important to develop a network and build a supportive team. You need to meet and work with experienced contractors, talented workrooms and manufacturers reps. You need to attend trade shows and continuing education seminars and make connections with other designers. I have been practicing interior design for 20 years, and I learn something new every day.  If you don’t learn and grow, you won’t succeed.

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What do you like most about DesignerInc?

Convenience!  It is so beneficial to have online access to multiple manufacturers, all in one place and at designer price points. Thank you for providing this resource!