EDGE Collections | Manufacturer Spotlight

This week, we are pleased to introduce to you a new manufacturer to DesignerInc – EDGE Collections founded by Carl Pascuzzi and Phoebe St. Germain Fellows. EDGE is a Miami-based design and manufacturing house that specializes in large-format production of bespoke wallpapers, tiles, and textiles. We hope you enjoy learning more about them and checking out their beautiful wallpaper in this spotlight.

Let’s start out by learning a bit more about your company. What makes EDGE Collections unique?

When we formed the company we noticed a void in the market for quality wall coverings that bridged the gap between the patterns and prints we grew up with and the progressive trends of art, fashion, and contemporary design.  We thought about the word EDGE in the context of edgy but also as the edge of a surface.  The acronym actually stands for Exceptional Design Goes Everywhere.  The “unique” aspect stems from our ability to master materials and process for each application using oversized scales, repeats, and customized hues making each installation a one of a kind piece for the customer.

Serpent Shell in Light Grey

Who or what inspires you most when coming up with designs?

Inspiration for our work comes from various elements of art, architecture, fashion, color theory, music, pop-culture, travel, and texture.  But what is most important is the ability to listen and draw inspiration from what inspires the client or end user to tailor the work for their specific needs.

M3 Collection – Shattered‌‌

Which piece in your collection stands out to you the most of being your favorite?

On any different day we may have several favorites, so picking just one is tough!  For the most part, each wallcovering is scaled custom per location, so we pride ourselves in making each repeat create the best mood or ambiance for the particular space.

Tribal Sea 

Can you walk me through the customization process?

Once a pattern or mood is chosen, we start with the basic wall dimensions or elevations. We can then recommend scale and repeat to fit accordingly and can then show that via a digital mock-up.For custom color, we typically work with Pantone colors or if the customer has a specific fabric or item to match, we can work from a physical sample.  We try to keep things simple but we know how important the minor tweaks and details are to the end result.

Blossom Drifter in Eggplant

Let’s end with a fun question! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The light, sound, textures, and contours of remote places like Antarctica have been a longtime fascination along with slightly more accessible and picturesque places such as Fiji or Bali.

Tropical Modernism – Shadow Frond Bianco