Quatrine | Manufacturer Spotlight

Everyweek we are so lucky to get an exclusive interview with some of the best designers and manufacturers in the indusrty. This week we spoke with Gina Quatrine and Nina Ellis of Quatrine Custom Luxury Furniture. We are thrilled to share with you the inspiration behind their furniture and how it all started abroad.


What makes Quatrine unique?

Quatrine is a (female) family owned and operated company. Unlike most large furniture manufacturing companies who build everything over seas to take advantage of cost savings, we build everything in the United States – Long Beach, CA to be exact which has some of the strictest regulations on quality and safety. We are part of the Certi-PUR program and strive to source only the healthiest and “most green” products that will eventually be in people’s homes around their families. The majority of the pieces we make are slipcovered and washable so you can wash them at home in your washer and dryer. Truly a game changer, especially if you always entertain or have kids and pets!


What are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Some of our biggest sources of inspiration come from the fashion industry – furniture trends seem to follow fashion in a lot of ways so it’s almost like seeing what’s going to be “it” in the home world a few seasons in advance. Traveling is also something that we use to reinvigorate and get fresh ideas. It’s rewarding for both work and to personally recharge.


What let you to want to go beyond interior design and begin designing/creating your own furniture?

Being frustrated with the quality of furniture that was readily available. I also wanted to have more control over creative decisions. So I saw a hole in the market and took a leap! (I being Gina Quatrine)


What is your favorite part about designing furniture?

Watching something go from something conceptual to tangible is incredibly cool/rewarding. Truly the best thing is designing something completely custom for our clients and seeing how happy there are when they finally get their piece. Furniture, to us, is so personal and such a big part of your experience in the home that it feels great to be involved in the process from start to completion. We feel a strong sense of pride being able to facilitate such a purchase that is so important and prominent in people’s everyday lives.


Can you walk me through the customization process? (where you work with designers to create custom furniture pieces)

We are still pretty old school here and do traditional line drawings to start the whole process! If a client is using a designer, usually things go pretty quick and smoothly because they already know what they are looking for. In those circumstances, we are more consultants and give our opinions on different fabrics to use if you are doing upholstered vs. slipcover for things like durability etc. If a client is coming in without a designer we help with the entire design process. We help do spatial planning as well as pick piece style, fabric, trim…you name it! We also help with ideas of what the completed space should look and feel like. Once everything has been signed off on, the piece starts being made at our facility in Long Beach and is typically ready to ship in 4-6 weeks…usually ending with a very happy customer 🙂


A little extra fun fact about yourself 🙂

Fun fact, Gina lived in Spain for 3 years which is where her love of home and fabric began!
Fun fact about me….I’m obsessed with pajama sets and I sleep in matching ones every single night…total weirdo.

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