Vintage Porch Swings | Manufacturer Spotlight

Vintage Porch Swings | Manufacturer Spotlight

We are very excited to introduce to you this new manufacturer – Vintage Porch Swings! Vintage Porch Swings was started in 2008 by Brent McHenry who wanted to make a place for his wife Krista to relax. From there, their swings became popular in the entire neighborhood which is how the company was started! We hope you enjoy checking out their bed swings and incorporating them into your designs and houses!

Vintage Porch Swings

Let’s start out with learning a bit more about your company. What makes Vintage Porch Swings unique?

Our swings are built by hand using only the best lumber and materials. They are stained/painted by hand, then sealed with a marine-quality spar urethane, so they can withstand every climate in the U.S. better than the exteriors of many homes. We do everything by hand, just like grandfathers did 100 years ago, and our swings last through generations.

The Mercedes Swing

What is a favorite piece in your collection that designers might not know about?

The Noah swing has comfy, wide armrests that sit back from the ropes — a perfect place to rest a cup of coffee or a good book. We ship nine times more Noah Vintage Porch Swings than any other style for this reason.

The Emerson Swing‌‌

Who or what inspires you most when coming up with designs?

Family. Our designs are all named after the owners’ eight children, one grandmother (Mercedes) and one great aunt (Aunt Janie). The newest design, The McHenry, is not only the family name, it’s also the formal first name of our Operations Manager’s infant son, “Mac.”

The McHenry Chair Swing‌‌

What is the process behind coming up with new designs/products?

We often take the most popular customer-requested modifications into mind when coming up with new designs and finishes. This is how we came up with the hard-bottom McHenry (no cushions required and small enough for every porch or patio) and the new finish, Sea Salt, which is a modern, dark stain but with “sea-spray” distressing in white paint.

The Aunt Janie Swing

What is your favorite part about the manufacturing industry?

Our manufacturing site is small (we can produce about 1000 swings per year in our current location) but everyone here is a key-holder so most of us tend to work outside of normal business hours to take care of our customers with our under-promise/over-deliver mentality. Vintage Porch Swings is run like a family household; we all chip in when needed to get our customers what they want.

The Noah Swing