Signature Grace | Manufacturer Spotlight

The Signature Grace Collection by Paula Grace Designs is a beautiful collection filled with neoclassic heirlooms that are boldly envisioned and carefully handcrafted. Each piece is born from Paula’s personal style: Classic Modern Elegance. Whether you’re a busy family or an individual who frequently entertains, Signature Grace will give you the sophistication you’re looking for and the livability you need.Striking this balance between form and function stems from Paula’s love for family. Not only is she passionate about creating pieces that can be loved and lived in, but she also believes in creating pieces that are destined to be modern heirlooms. Paula has always loved the idea of turning memorable furniture pieces into family treasures. Imagine your grandchild in your child’s home holding onto a furniture leg to stand for the first time; that piece was in your home, passed on for your family to enjoy. It’s this ideology and emotion that Paula always aims to capture when she creates her designs because furniture was meant to be more than just an object in your home.Screen-Shot-2018-04-20-at-9.31.36-AMShop Signature GraceWhile Paula’s heart beats hard for family ties, she also cares deeply for people who are beyond her bloodline. When you purchase an item in the Signature Grace Collection, a portion of profits is donated to one of four exceptional charities for children. Both Save the Music and the National Math and Science Initiative foster holistic brain development across the arts, math, and science. The Truth 365 focuses on ending childhood cancer and The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence works to protect children at home––because a safe home environment isn’t a privilege; it’s a right and a necessity for every child to thrive.All of the creations in the Signature Grace Collection are customizable and scaled to harmonize perfectly with their surroundings; from grand compositions to more intimate settings. Many of the furniture pieces are handcrafted from mindfully harvested wood and wood veneers, which are finished with multi-layered applications. Sophisticated lasers cut intricate inlays in wood and metal, and may be finished in a wide array of wood tones, leafing, or luminous paints.Screen-Shot-2018-04-20-at-9.32.00-AMThe luxurious rugs are made from fine wools, spun bamboo, and silk offered in hand-tufted, 60, 80, or 100 knot. Each rug can be sized to suit your needs and matched to your desired palette.Shop Signature GraceScreen-Shot-2018-04-20-at-9.31.45-AM