Michael Dawkins | Designer Spotlight

This week we are excited to introduce you to Michael Dawkins. With more than 20 years of design experience, Dawkins is a master at bringing interior spaces to life.  A distinguished tastemaker, his elevated intellectual style is achieved by fusing genres, styles and textures to invoke progressive yet timeless design.

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

Creating something from nothing.  I’ve always been very sensitive to my environment and loved having the ability to create and control the mood and the impact a beautiful space has on us. Much like an artist or painter, It’s all about the combination of  disparate elements and the balance and composition of those elements to move and inspire the viewer.

Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

Mies Van der Rhoe had an enormous influence on me.  The Barcelona Pavilion, in particular, profoundly impacted the way I experienced space and set a standard for my own work.  

Can you tell us about your personal brand?

My personal brand is thoroughly modern in composition with a respect for textures and periods. I strive for an understated elegance minimal at its core without being cold or impersonal.  

What would be one piece of advice you’d give someone starting their own interior design career?

Interior Design can be an incredibly rewarding career and if any of the readers are, like myself living and breathing design, there is simply no other option. However, I would caution to have realistic expectations about what it is to be an interior designer. It’s not at all the glamorous field many people might expect or hope it to be, but rather an extremely challenging and difficult job that requires so much more than good taste.

What do you like most about DesignerInc?

DesignerInc has the wonderful ability to deliver in-depth insights into designers and manufacturers at just the right dose of Quality + Quantity. The perfect daily read.