Leathercraft | Manufacturer Spotlight

“Build them what they want to buy.” The sound mantra that guides the uber-customizable LeatherCraft. The request to customize comes so often in the design business. Happily, it’s rarely a concern with LeatherCraft, the manufacturer who gives a seemingly endless amount of options. There are more than 400 leathers and over 700 frames for designers to choose from. And if fabric is what your client prefers, there are hundreds to consider from their Cate Cove and CF Stinson Collections. Layer on the multitude of wood finishes, nailhead options, dozens of accent pillows and you’re creating a truly unique and one-of-a-kind piece… something every client desires.


We love LeatherCraft for these very reasons. With over fifty years in the industry, LeatherCraft offers endless options to play with. But we also are taken by the Corey Damen Jenkins Collection, created exclusively for them. Corey is no stranger to adding richness and depth to his designs with key leather pieces.

Photo credit: http://coreydamenjenkins.com/

Introduced last fall, the collection draws inspiration from the Lebanese fashion designer, Georges Chakra. The collection was nominated for the prestigious 2017 ARTS Award in the Best Product Design category. One of our favorites in this collection is the Gwendolyn Skirted Tete-A-Tete. The tailored box pleated on the piece adds detail without the fuss and maintains sweeping clean lines.

White Gwendolyn Tete-A-Tete, with curvaceous clean lines and luxe dressmaker details.
Photo credit: http://coreydamenjenkins.com/l

We had a chance to chat Staley Keener, President of LeatherCraft, at this spring’s High Point. He shares that his favorites are the new motions pieces. We’re partial to this indigo blue Kensington chair that would fool any discerning eye that it’s a recliner. His proudest moment? Well, it’s not really a moment he explains, but rather an overall pride in his company and employees. Mark probed him with the question of what he’d be doing if he wasn’t in the furniture industry. His cool response, “Whatever my wife tells me to do.” A man after our own hearts in more ways than one!


You can see the full interview below: