Beth Krupa | Designer Spotlight

It’s our favorite time of the week because we got to take a moment and learn about a very talented designer in our industry, Beth Krupa. Beth is an award-winning designer who believes in not only transforming your space, but your outlook as well. We are excited to shine a light on her incredible work this week.Beth_Krupa_Profile-Picture_preview

What is your favorite part about being a designer?

The answer is really two fold – the end result and how we make the client ultimately feel and completely transform the quality of their family’s everyday life. Equally important, I’d have to say is our journey getting there….. the day to day that we learn from and embrace, challenges we face, clients we bond to, vendor relationships we depend on and oftentimes cherish, and most of all, the team and how we all collaboratively work together to come up with the best possible solution and art for our clients lives.Beth-Krupa-Interiors-4_preview

Tell us a little about your personal brand….

BKI is a full-service interior design firm with a global perspective that comes from having lived abroad for many years. My life and experiences living in London, India, Hong Kong, and NYC continue to influence my firm’s designs. To me and my team, great style is all about editing and editing well. It’s true in fashion where I worked as a fashion buyer for years with Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, and Calvin Klein, and where I saw that what you’re not wearing is as important as what you are wearing. Today, BKI applies that same philosophy of editing to the home or commercial environment where every space is defined by both its usefulness and it’s beauty for the people living, visiting, and working there. Over the years, we have developed a clear and transparent practice that lets their clients understand their project from the largest overview to the smallest details. BKI demystifies the design and thought processes behind the creative considerations leading to their clients’ story being told.Beth-Krupa-Interiors-2_preview

Who or what would you cite as your most important influence?

I’m going to have to bring that one back around to my amazing supportive husband, Mike and super thoughtful kids, Jennifer and Scott. We all know how demanding our schedules can be, and when we throw in volunteering for a couple of boards and committees across the country along with market travel, we have to have an extremely strong support system both at home and work. They are my “go to” when I am in need of advice or just a shoulder to lean on. I couldn’t have the freedom of mind to help design for and support my clients if I didn’t have equally the support in my own home and work life.Beth-Krupa-Interiors-3_preview

If you could travel back, what advice would you give yourself as you start this career?

That’s an easy one – get a business coach from the get go! As my business grew I had a great year and over spent assuming the trajectory was always to be heading north. Now, I’ve learned not to over spend and to save for down times. This is an unpredictable business, and yes, I’m fortunate to have a healthy one, but it’s not been an easy road. I think if I had help earlier I would have avoided some unnecessary growing pains.

What is your favorite current resource?

I would have to say my bookkeeping software, Designer Advantage. This has freed up our studio so we do not have support staff here on site. All the bill paying and bookkeeping along with the back of office ordering, expediting, and tracking is done off site. I have a very small studio in Old Greenwich, CT and would rather fill the seats with other designers to work collaboratively than worry about training and maintaining any administrative help.Beth-Krupa-Interiors-1_preview

Fun fact about yourself…

If I could spend 90% of my design time at market, I would. I love it that much. The excitement of new product, new innovation or trend, and the comradery of creatives all sharing techniques and knowledge is exhilarating.