Mosche Bianche | Featurette

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Italian polymath Leonardo DaVinci once said, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” We see this in every piece curated by Pamela Bianche & Marco Mosca.

Mosche Bianche is the trait-d’union between high quality handmade home decor and the international luxury market. This brand’s unique offering resides at the intersection of home decor and art. The idea was born during a dinner in Bologna, enjoying a tasty glass of red wine and talking about the importance of feeling special and unique.
Owners Pamela Bianchi and Marco Mosca named the company after their surnames. In Italy, Mosche Bianche means “white flies” – indicating that someone or something is special, rare and unique. Enjoy this stunning tour of the fine craftsmanship behind this curation of Italy’s most compelling artists. There is such great attention to detail and technical skill in each artisanal process. It’s such a joy to see these artistic visionaries bring their work to life!

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