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The profilic Ancient Tragedian playwright Euripedes once wrote, “ Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.

Abner Henry embodies this time-honored spirit of impermeable vision. Abner first settled in Ohio in 1918 in a time when furniture was an investment, with its emphasis placed on pure function. He pioneered the idea that the spirit in which furniture is made, the beauty of the design itself, and the story it behind it are far more important than the simple function it performs. This brand remains rooted in the past, honoring the strength of this tradition, while the other foot nudges forward, toeing the line of what could be.

Today, the furniture Abner Henry designs is an ode to the legacy left by their forefathers. Men and women who had an uncommon vision, who broke the rules of convention, who were truly before their time. May that spirit live on forever, as Abner Henry carries their torch to pioneer the future.

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