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The Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and satirist Seneca once wrote, “But what difference does it make who spoke the words? They were uttered for the world.”

Such is feeling one has when experiencing the mélange of fabrics you will discover at Maxwell – endless creativity and inspiration abound in an array of textiles sourced from all over the world. Maxwell is truly your one-stop source for a wonderful curation of innovative, contemporary & classic fabrics. Zoë Anderson, Design Director at Maxwell Fabrics takes us through her creative process, exploring new introductions to the collections. We learn a bit more about how her personal experience has informed her curatorial process, resulting in a collection with unmatched depth and breadth. With Zoë directing design, you are sure to find that elusive fabric you have been searching for!

About Maxwell Fabrics

Maxwell Fabrics is a third generation family-run business with a distinct reputation for offering modern classic fabrics to the interior design trade. Our foundation is built on unprecedented quality and service and we continue to provide committed support to today’s design professionals. While innovation and evolution drive our growth, we owe our enduring success to the principles of authentic and timeless design. 

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