Gilded Circle Moment | Lisa Davenport

A Gilded Circle Moment with interior designer, Lisa Davenport from LDD Interiors.

About Lisa Davenport

Founder and Interior Designer, Lisa Davenport

Lisa believes in creating environments where cherished memories are made, to essentially set the stage for life’s stories. These surroundings must achieve a curated, livable luxury while still reflecting the client’s unique personality. Creating customized spaces offers a world of options – it is our job as your design team to make design fun and easy, to educate you along the way, and to introduce you to people, products and places you may not have encountered on your own. With that we begin to cultivate your dream space, taking it to perfection by adding our signature style, which is authentic, polished, supple, splendorous, rustic, easy, chic, comfortable, time honored and organic.