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The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once wrote, “There is nothing permanent except change.”

Acrylic as a medium for furniture construction has been around for a decades. It’s forms have ebbed and flowed with the times, suiting the lifestyles and habits of each generation. The rise in technologies supporting the medium, as well as the wealth of new materials that contribute to revisions in production processes, have elevated acrylic furnishings to new heights. Here, we talk to Davy Davidson of Boda Acrylic about their production process and how to care for the acrylic furnishings in your designs.

Boda Acrylic’s manufacturing partner has been making custom pieces for NC designers for over 50 years and Davy, Donna and Andy are excited to now share their collections across the country. They love the process of working with designers and homeowners to create hand-crafted pieces that, with care, will last for generations.

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