A Look Back at 2020

As we say goodbye to the year that was 2020, we are reflecting on the changes that we made to our home and business lives. We are reminiscing about travel. We are filling our inspiration boards with dreams and positivity for 2021. And we are looking back at some of the design goodness that we loved, during a challenging year full of adaptation. 

Natural wood tones 

We saw natural wood tones and oak finishes making a strong appearance this year in everything from furniture and hardwood flooring, to custom kitchens and bath cabinetry. The warm browns and lighter golden tones add a refreshing accent and a change of pace from the greys and monochromatic rooms of the past. 


The organization revolution couldn’t have been better timed. In a year where many of us were suddenly required to spend a lot less time travelling and a lot more time in our homes, the need to create order became a top priority. As designers, we’ve been a fan of organization and storage since the beginning of time. So this side effect of 2020 has had a positive effect in many of our clients homes. 

Statement wallpaper 

We love wallpaper and used it everywhere we could think of in 2020! Bathrooms, bedrooms, ceilings and office spaces, all step up their game with the addition of wallpaper. A bold statement wallpaper can pull a room together with texture, pattern and color. We see statement wallpaper being a huge part of our 2021 design forecast. 

The home office 

This was certainly a year for the home office to make a statement and be realized as an important part of our living space. In 2020 many of us moved our office into our homes, incorporating both space for homeschooling and multiple workstations. We saw formal dining and sitting rooms transformed into functional work spaces and we brought co-working spaces to a whole new level within our own homes. 

Navy and the 2020 color of the year 

Classic blue was the Pantone Color of the Year and we definitely embraced deep blue tones in decor, fabrics and cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry was an especially popular place for this pop of color. We loved seeing bold navy kitchens being featured in shelter magazines and online, a dramatic contrast to all-white kitchens and lighter toned cabinetry.