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The Ancient Greek pre-Socratic philospher Democritus once wrote, “Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity.”

Modernplum Home’s artisanal products inextricably weave together the two concepts of chance and necessity. Their sustainable approach brings together elements, creating a wonderful symphony of work that enhances and sustains both our homes and the global environment.

About Modernplum Home

Made in Chicago, Modernplum Home’s approach to bringing products to market is rooted in conservation. Their raison d’etre is to offer a better choice in linens. It’s a choice that  is mindful of resources used, waste made, and the overall value of artisan sewing versus assembly line production. At the end of the day, Modernplum items are modern heirlooms will elevate your home life. Their products are purposefully made to serve many functions, and to mix and match with one another through our coordinated color palettes. Multi-purpose design is simplified design, in which a single pillow could be used in many rooms, or a linen throw is conceived to become a table cloth. This way of thinking sees the utilitarian aspect of items, and simplifies your linen closet. Simplifying choices is a form of sustainability as it inherently reduces excess material waste and overall production of goods. As a a zero waste studio, Modernplum either keeps or uses all of remnants whenever possible. When a fabric comes off the cutting room floor, their policy is to collect and keep. Sometime fabrics are used in smaller items sewing like napkins, and sometimes its used in one-of-a-kind items. This process keeps fabric on the roll longer and contributes to the reduction of textile waste. Modernplum’s philosophy is a result of all these things — midcentury modernism, respect for nature, a love of home textiles, and California cool.

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