Kendra Araujo

San Diego, CA, Southern California
Hi, my name is Kendra Araujo and I’m the founder of K2 Interiors. I use my passion for Interior design as a way to help my clients embrace who they are and turn their spaces into a reflection of their uniqueness. K2 Interiors is a luxury interior design firm based in San Diego. Head interior designer Kendra Araujo has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from one of the best schools in Mexico. She is also a best selling author, speaker and world traveler on a mission to help people live their best lives. From luxury high rise buildings to fashionable laundry rooms, and from high end restaurants to nightclubs, Kendra has designed luxury interiors for the past 10 years through out California and Mexico. Her clients love her unique outside-the-box approach to design and her excellent customer service has gotten her invited to countless family reunions and intimate events! She prides herself on being bold and coloring outside the lines when it comes to design, sourcing textures, finishes and materials from unexpected places, and is the first one to take the road less traveled (literally). SEND MESSAGE
Krista Reese

Denver, CO, Mountain States
As the owner and principal designer of KBR Designs, Krista is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD) as well as a Certified Living In Place Professional™ (CLIPP™). She was the 2018 winner of both the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Colorado Chapter Rising Star award and the Rising Star People’s Choice award. As an Interior Designer, Krista’s focus is to gain a thorough understanding of her client’s preferences, needs, and wishes and then create a beautiful design that is perfectly tailored for their individual situation. As a homeowner who has been through many remodeling projects herself, she thoroughly understands that communication, collaboration, and trust are the keys to success for any project! SEND MESSAGE
Mark Cutler

Los Angeles. CA, Southern California
My first goal as an Interior Designer was to create beautiful rooms. Eventually, I learned that creating beauty was only part of the job. My clients want a home that speaks to their spirit, not one that is just pretty to look at. Good design is like an excellent portrait. It tells the story of not just who you are, but it gives insight into your history and values. Homes are the backdrop of our lives. They are where we nurture our relationships, where we forge memories, rear our children, and are the public face we show to the world. It is not only a privilege to be invited to design someone’s home, but a responsibility I take seriously. Authenticity gives a project its soul. When it is comfortable for you and your family, others will feel that warmth too. Therefore, when we define our design philosophy, it is about creating an aesthetic of style and elegance, but it is also rooted in the firm belief that our job is to create spaces reflective of our clients, and as a team we work toward the goal of unique, customized solutions that are mirrors that reflect the best of our clients. SEND MESSAGE
Rhiannon Worthing

Scottsdale, Arizona, Southern Mountain States
We specialize in creating harmonious interiors curated with timeless charm. SEND MESSAGE
Rebekah Correll

US, East Coast Midwest Southern Northern California Southern California Mountain States Pacific Northwest
Every home tells a story, so every project I do is centered around reflecting who you are through the design of your space. Each project is unique and special so I will work with you to elevate your home to its full potential while being completely transparent about pricing and the design process. Your time is valuable so my projects will be fast and seamless. The entire design process happens online, which means your questions won’t rack up fees, and you can collaborate with me from the comfort of your own home. SEND MESSAGE