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Sierra Sullivan

Laguna Beach, CA, Northern California Southern California Mountain States Pacific Northwest
SIERRA SULLIVAN Founder/Lead Designer Originating from a background of over 30 years in fashion and a passion for art, travel and photography, my love and eye for interior design became a natural progression. With a deep drive to not only beautify, I also strive to design in a way that helps a space reach its highest potential in a way that also reflects my clients’ lifestyle and desires. My approach blends technical expertise with a deep understanding of aesthetics, making my designs both innovative and timeless. And lastly, my passion is tailoring spaces that are truly unique to clients and their families, while also ensuring function and livability. What is The Fourth House? In astrology, the Fourth House in a birth chart is known as the House of Home and symbolizes the establishment of roots and the creation of a sanctuary for oneself and their loved ones. It emphasizes the concept of coming home both physically and spiritually, integrating personal identity, family history, and cultural traditions into the domestic space. By encompassing physical structures, real estate, family ties, and individualized self-expression, the Fourth House plays a crucial role in shaping our sense of belonging and becoming a fully realized individual. The design process often involves creating spaces that foster connection, serving as a meeting place for loved ones, and a reflection of our unique selves. Thus, The Fourth House Interiors was established. SEND MESSAGE
Jessica Broussard

Youngsville La, Southern
Where Home Meets Balance SEND MESSAGE
Lesley Ann Lee

Orlando, Florida, Midwest Southern
We love all types of residential interior design but specialize in textural modern, mid-century and coastal decor. We love to help our clients find their personal style when it comes to designing a space. We marry your style with our expertise to find your perfect design solution. Communication is key. We work hard to listen to the needs of each of our clients. Each project is individual and want to make your space special and a reflection of you. We love to integrate old and new and also love to reuse and recycle. With our backgrounds in art and interior design we bring a wealth of knowledge and a variety of vendors to help make your project a success. We've got every step of the process covered. Let's work on a project together! SEND MESSAGE
Anne Viggiano

Seattle, WA, Pacific Northwest
We create spaces that reflect who you are not who we are. We are visual artists, designers and architects whose goal it is to create good design while centering people & our environment over profits SEND MESSAGE
Krysten Ledet

Lafayette, LA, East Coast Midwest Southern Northern California Southern California Mountain States Pacific Northwest
Krysten Ledet Interiors, led by Krysten Ledet is an award-winning and nationally published design firm based in Lafayette, Louisiana. With more than 12 years of design experience — and projects spanning the United States — our fresh eye for design is sought-after by clients seeking high-end interiors that are a true marriage of luxury and livability. We fully immerse ourselves in your project to produce spaces that are fully custom and truly memorable. Our design services include residential new construction, renovation and full furnishings projects as well as commercial projects. This entails interior space planning, furniture selection and layout, architectural detailing, materials, finishes and fixtures selection, lighting design, artwork consultation, and accessories. We believe your home should embody you, and the spaces we curate display your individual aesthetic, intuitive elegance, and always something unexpected. SEND MESSAGE
Brittany Zimmerman

Florida , East Coast Pacific Northwest
Since 2019, Brittany has creatively blended her Southern roots and love for all things French, to bring about a fresh twist on traditional design. You’ll find original art, antique furnishings or heirlooms in many of her designs as well as an uncluttered approach to beautiful design. SEND MESSAGE
Melissa Fields

San Antonio, TX , Southern
Hello! I’m San Antonio Certified Residential Interior Designer (RIDQC) Melissa Fields, Owner and President of Shades of Gray Design Studio. I wonder if you’re a lot like me - you’re a busy professional who works hard every day, striving to achieve your career goals while balancing home life. It seems you barely have time to do the things you need to do; let alone the things you want to do. You may have a great sense of style but you're not sure how to put it all together or you may think you don't even have a style. Everyone has a just needs to be unleashed! Trust me to unlock your chic! You value good design and quality but don’t know how to put it all together. You have discerning taste and want the very best. You don’t want to replicate what you see on Pinterest…you want something unique and curated just for you and your lifestyle. When it comes to your home, you don’t have time to get bogged down with all of the details - you just want it done and you want it to look ah-mazing! So you’re probably wondering what my story is before you so graciously invite me into your home. I would wonder the same thing so let’s get to it, shall we? Although my absolute passion, I didn’t come into interior design the “traditional” way. I started out wearing a different uniform. No heels, no cute tops, no skinny jeans, and definitely no bright pink lipstick! I proudly served in the United States Air Force for 20 years. I began my career on the enlisted side and retired as an officer in 2018. That’s when my dream came true and I was finally free to do what was in my heart for all of these years. My military journey taught me how to become a rockstar program manager, communicator, and leader. Discipline, structure, and processes became second nature to me and are still very much a part of who I am. From deployments to working for general officers, I learned so much. My experiences are countless. Some have been exhilarating and some have been the most challenging and pushed me to my limits, especially while trying to do it all as a mom and wife. But aaaahhhhh...that thing they call perseverance. It's powerful. What does that mean for you? Your project will be managed by me from start to finish, as I work with my talented team of contractors, trades, vendors, and suppliers. We are committed to giving you the dream home you’ve been wanting and so deserve. It’s all about the details and we’re unapologetic about wanting you to have the perfect living space, so you will love where you live. We are a boutique interior design studio whose mission is to create stylish, functional, and curated spaces for busy, high-performing professionals that value good design and exceptional quality but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. Clean. Soulful. Unique. That vibe is the result of our close partnership with you — providing a blend of luxury and comfort that promotes wellness while reflecting your personality and what you love! So make the most of what little time you do have in your crazy busy schedule and leave the design details to us! We want to create a space that reflects your personality - a home that is uniquely YOU! SEND MESSAGE
Jeanelle Ditto

Carlsbad, CA , Southern California
Focused on curating innovative design, this female-owned company boldly reinvents the West Coast style, taking inspiration from around the world and channeling it into a modern and uniquely Californian voice. Blush Interior Design celebrates their clientele's individual flair by creating sophisticated, bold living and working spaces for fearless people seeking to differentiate themselves with intimate, inspiring interiors. Embraces modernity and glamour, Blush relishes their work to make people proud of their spaces. With the considerable experience gained through their design and staging services, this team of designers (led by Jeanelle Ditto) recently opened their first boutique and online shop. From floral arrangements to entire homes, Blush Interior Design offers complete design solutions: no detail is too small. SEND MESSAGE
Lindsey Mansuri

Austin + Hill Country, Texas, Southern
We provide interior design services dedicated to Meaningful Moments + Delightful Experiences. SEND MESSAGE
Maureen Forage

Urbana, MD, East Coast
With over 25 years of experience we being a fresh eye to help guide you to achieving your dream home. Whether you need a renovation, redesign or refresh we can guide you all the way. SEND MESSAGE